Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do white printing on a black or dark colored shirt?

Yes, we have 2 different print types in addition to vinyl application. We have a white toner printer that makes a clean graphics and photos on any color shirt. We also have the ability to do "Direct Print to Garment". This allows us to print anything from a photo to text directly to the garment.

Is there a minimum order?

No! This is what sets us apart from many other companies in our field. We do not require a minimum order. We DO offer a discount based on quantity brackets.

We have an event, can you make slight differences to our design (i.e. different names on the back)?

Within most cases, yes we can. Unless it is a complete different design for each person, we prefer these to be separate orders and they do not fit into the price bracket discounts. If, however, your design only has different names on the back - yes this is allowed.

What is the biggest sized shirt you can offer?

For the most part we are happy to scour the web to find what's available and purchase it and assist you with your project. Gildan offers up to 6XL. We have encountered other brands that offer larger sizes.

I don't have any artwork, but I have an idea. Can you help me with this?

Yes we can. In fact we also offer free design setup right now. We also provide mock-up designs so you can get a close idea on what your shirt will look like before processing. We do ask you keep in mind that colors and brightness does not show an accurate representation of your garment.

What brand of shirts do you use?

We are not limited to any specific brand of shirt. We can range from Bella Canvas, Gildan, Anvil, and many others. Our basic prices are based on Gildan G2000. Many shirts fall in this price range and do not alter the change. Specialty shirts may inquire a surcharge.

My friend can do Vinyl shirts for less what makes you different?

Vinyl can be very creative with "layering" of different colors to create similar looks. Our process is not limited to a small amount of colors. With our printer we can print millions of colors with no setup fees. We can also utilize a direct to garment printing process as well. We also assist with artwork setup and creation!

Can I pickup my order I am close by?

Yes. Our location is in Plantersville, TX. When you order is being placed we can discuss these options with you. In certain cases the order must be shipped due to the nature of the product.

Are you limited to doing shirts?

No, we have a wide range of items we can your creative graphics to. We can do blankets, clothing, under garments, mugs, water canisters, etc. contact us for more details!

I saw a shirt on your site that I really like, can I customize that?

99.9% of the shirts offered on our website are able to be changed or customized. This includes color changes to the design, typography added, graphics on the back, etc. Contact us for more information!